Valve Spring Kit for Toyota 1UZ VVT-i V8


Our valve spring kit features high frequency, progressive wound, Pacaloy1500 series beehive design valve springs and Ti6Al-4v Grade 5 titanium retainers. The spring locates onto the original Toyota valve spring base. Spring force is 39 kg (86 lb) at 33.50 mm closed height and 91 kg (200 lb) at 12.00 mm lift. Bind height is 20.50 mm and maximum valve lift is 12.00 mm.

Our brand promise is to be best by design and continually innovate. We believe that this is by far the highest quality and best engineered valve spring and retainer set on the market for 1UZ and 3UZ VVT-i racing engines. We will only fit the best to our customer engines and we offer you the same high quality products we choose to use.

To establish the specification of this valve spring we use a reverse engineering approach. Using commonly available stainless steel valves and a racing camshaft that has high acceleration we calculate the required spring force to control the mass at any given rpm. With this spring kit we have proper valve-train control to 10,500 rpm. We also consider the effects of backpressure in turbocharged engines as this has a direct influence on required spring rate and closed pressure. Based on our industry knowledge and understanding of high rpm multi valve engines, we chose to build a high frequency beehive design spring because of its benefits over a dual or single parallel spring in these engine applications.

All of our valve springs are hand selected and batched, firstly for bind height and then for spring force. We do this because for high rpm control on our customer heads, we commonly run to within 0.75 mm from bind, therefore we batch select our springs to a 0.20 mm bind height tolerance. Each spring in our sets are measured and grouped with others the same height and pressure, this allows you to set up springs evenly and accurately as we do.

Valve spring selection is an area where there is not a huge amount of available information for people to make accurate and informed choices, yet it is one of the most important decisions when building a race engine. If you have technical questions, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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