Toyota 2JZ CNC Cylinder Head Machining


The price listed is based on you sending us your cylinder head for modification.


  • Dismantle and wash your head.
  • Hardness test and overall assessment.
  • Remove original valve guides prior to porting.
  • Modify ports and combustion chambers by CNC machining on our Rottler P69 5 axis machining centre. The port program will be tailored to suit your intended valve size and the application the engine is used in.
  • New manganese bronze guides fitted after porting.
  • Valve seats cut to our proven angles and radii using Newen CNC seat machine.
  • The deck surface is milled using cbn to a fine finish.
  • Packed for transport, ready for you to assemble with your own parts.

If you’re ordering from New Zealand, prices include GST.