New RB26 Race Head


Our RB heads are used by drag racing and time attack champions in NZ, Australia, UK and Europe with much success and many titles.

Our process:

  1. Starting with a new Nissan head casting, we remove the original cast valve guides.
  2. Machine the cam bucket bores to suit high lift camshafts.
  3. Machine the ports and combustion chambers on our 5 Axis to suit the intended valve size and port volume for the application (we have three different port configurations. Choice depends on target power and application).
  4. Fit and size new manganese bronze valve guides.
  5. Cut the valve seats to our proven multi angles and radii on a Newen CNC machining centre.
  6. Mill the head surface to a fine finish.
  7. Ultrasonic-clean the head and all parts.
  8. Set valve tip heights to within 0.05 mm.
  9. Batch-select a set of valve springs for bind height and pressure.
  10. Assemble stem seals, valves, springs and retainers, shims, buckets and camshafts then set the valve clearances.
  11. Plastic cling-wrap the head to protect from dust, package in the original Nissan box ready for shipping.

Build time is 3 weeks from time of placing the order. You will need to let us know the build spec of the motor, turbo choice, transmission and intended application. From there we will determine correct port and cam sizing to suit you.

Parts we use in the build:

  • Nissan cylinder head.
  • Ferrea oversize Comp Plus valves.
  • Kelford KVS1855BT spring and retainer set.
  • Viton valve stem seals.
  • Nissan spring washers.
  • Tomei cam buckets.
  • Precision shims.
  • Horsepower Heads / Kelford camshaft set.

If you’re ordering from New Zealand, prices include GST.