Below is a list of engine makes and models that we have developed CNC porting programs for. For each engine type we can offer three different levels of service; CNC porting only (for engine shops), or CNC porting plus all other machining (guides, seats etc) ready for you to fit your own parts, or fully assembled with all work done ready for you to bolt on.
For each engine models listed we have many different port, chamber and valve size configurations. We do not give our ports names or part numbers or list them by size or by flow number like others commonly do, as this can lead to people buying based on ‘advertising numbers’ and ending up with mismatched engine combinations and poor results. Simply contact us and we will discuss your engine and how it is used and we will build the correct cylinder head specification for your needs.
If you don’t see your engine model here, it doesn’t mean we dont do it. A large amount of our cylinder heads including most of our motorcycle heads are still modified by hand. please contact us to discuss your needs.

BMW CNC port programs



LS Series V8

We have many different LS available; 241, 799, 243 and 821 stock castings as well as some aftermarket castings. Send in your heads!

Small Block Chevy V8

We have so many  CNC programs for many different SBC castings, valve angles, valve sizes and racing applications. Simply send in your heads.

We supply 23 bare or complete 23 degree raised runner race heads for NZ Super Saloon racers; Shane McIntyre, Peter Dixon, Ray Stewart and many more.

Fiat Lancia Alfa logo

Alfa Romeo 1.7l 16 valve

Fiat / Lancia 2.0L 16 valve

Cosworth BDA-BDG

Cosworth YB


Ford 711F / Formula Ford  Multiple CNC head porting programs available for the alloy head. We dont offer CNC machining of the old cast iron heads.

Gurney Eagle V8  We have CNC port and chamber programs for the legendary Gurney heads! Call to discuss your build requirements.

CHI Cleveland heads We have CNC port and chamber programs for the CHI alloy Cleveland heads. We also have a ready to race head, manifold and cam package for Speedway NZ Super Saloon racing. Call to discuss your build requirements.

EcoBoost 4cyl and V6

Ford Duratec L series 2.0-2.3 inc Mazda MZR 

Zetec 2.0l 



CNC porting available for these Mitsubishi engines

4B11 EVO X

4G63 -VR4-EVO1-3

4G63 EVO 7-8-9


CNC porting available for these Mazda engines

Mazda B6

Mazda BP

Nissan CNC porting programs

RB20                RB25-DET                RB25-NEO                RB26DETT

SR20-DE-DET & GTi-R                SR20VE


CNC Porting available for these Toyota engines

1UZ-FE early and VVTI     –     2JZ-GTE     –     3S-GE/GTE Generation 2,3&4

4A-GE 16 valve large port & small port including the very latest Formula Atlantic spec.

4A-GE 20 valve silver and black top

Yamaha VXR Wave Runner

CNC porting available.