A great cylinder head begins with good understanding of the intended purpose of the engine and the application in which it is being used. We are all about the engine maths here at Horsepower Heads, so before cutting, we design the valve and port size as well as the port and combustion shapes to suit your needs.

Our CNC porting programs are flexible. We don’t try to sell one thing that fits all. We’ll even alter our programs to suit your individual requirements at no additional cost.

If your engine type isn’t in the CNC Head Programs list, it definitely doesn’t mean we can’t help. New port programs are constantly being developed for a wide range of motorsport applications.

Additionally, we still port many cylinder heads using the traditional hand porting methods. Remember, all the best CNC programs came from years of research and development and personally grinding ports by hand!

We modify a very wide variety of cylinder heads for both multi valve and two valve per cylinder engines. Our cylinder head modification service is used successfully worldwide in many forms of motorsport including; Sport Compact Drag Racing, Touring Car Racing, Drifting, Jet Sprint, Jet Ski, Hydroplane and Marathon Boat Racing, Super Moto, F3, and classic motorcycles racing, Rally and Rally Cross, 1/4 mile dirt oval racing, Muscle Car racing, World Time Attack and most other circuit racing classes plus many more… the list is long.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to helping you in your quest for success. If you are out of town or in another country, it is best to have the head checked for cracks, hardness, straightness, any previous repairs etc. before sending it through to us.

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